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We create unique cryptocurrencies for
Artists, Bands, DJs, and Singer-Songwriters.

This allows for more direct engagement with fans, keeps the Artist in control, and helps grow the Artist Brand.

What We Do

Create Artist Tokens
Create Artist Tokens
We mint unique cryptocurrencies that operate on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows for the artist to easily transfer tokens to anyone else who has an Ethereum based wallet, like MyEtherWallet, or Meta Mask.
Manage Promo Campaigns and Pre-Releases
Manage Promo Campaigns and Pre-Releases
After the tokens are created, we help the Artists create compelling and unique promotional campaigns which reward fans with tokens for helping to promote the Artist, or purchasing the pre-release of a single or album. For examples, check out our Campaigns page.
We Help Artists Create Unique Collectibles
We Help Artists Create Unique Collectibles
We can also create a cryptocurrency specifically for a collectible item, such as a limited edition vinyl record. These items can then be traded on the blockchain like a token, except the token represents a real world item.

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