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Total Music Market Capitalization: $40,218,873.18

Smiz the Moneykid - Order Pre-Release: Folk Lore
You can earn up to 20 MKZ tokens when you buy the new album "Folk Lore" by Smiz the Moneykid.

Smiz the Moneykid - Audius Promotion - LIVE
Help promote Smiz the Moneykid on Audius and earn 5 MKZ tokens!
MyMusicTokens Promotional Campaign for 500 MX
You can now earn MX tokens by helping to promote MyMusicTokens on social media platforms, like Twitter. For more information, join our newsletter, and we will be making an announcement very soon. Check here to Sign Up!

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MyMusicTokens - Social Promo for 25 MX
Earn 25 MX by simply posting a tweet!

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Earn $LUKE (Coming Soon!)
This will be a very unique, and funny way to earn tokens. We'll announce details soon!

Other Ways to Earn Tokens
Audius Staking
Stake Audius tokens on your hosted service and earn revenue from the network.
AudioCoin Staking
If you plan to buy and hold ADC for a long time, you can store in your wallet, and earn passive ADC by staking. This also helps to support the decentralized network. To get started, download a wallet here.
Bitradio Masternode
This opportunitiy requires an understanding of setting up and configuring a server. Watch a tutorial here.